Hello dear friends welcome to Chaos and Mayhem, the new Rp guild for creative minds.

The Storyline

A item of extreme and mass power has been stolen from the grasp of the gods, heaven is in a frenzy to find those responsible. Worlds are sinking into darkness forcing those with a touch of a destiny into a world that is slowly becoming a mashup up many other worlds, heros, enemies, all being brought together by a strange force.

Come be part of the of the of the madness ....

This is a RP guild consisting of animes such as
Full Metal Alchemist
Tenchi Muyo
Ronin Warriors
Final Fantasy ( all fantasy's)
Kingdom hearts( game/manga)

Non Animes such as

Dark hunter Book series
Random Marvel Characters
POTC ( Pirates)

If you want to join first you must..

Give a short role play sample and yes you CAN be a anime character such as Luffy, Yugi ect. Or you can post as a OC in the sample. If you wish t be a Cannon Character in the guild you can post it in the Characters page and we will approve it.

The RP sample can be anything you like as long as it is PG-13 . We will approve you in less then 24 hours, our crew is almost always on and the captain( Me ) is on via cell phone all day should you have a question ( even if it says offline i am always on). Feel free and welcome to ask me the captain or any of the crew any questions you might have.