An role playing guild that is mainly about vampires, werewolves, demons, succubus's, humans, and other creatures that you can come up with. Along with sub-forums of Castlevania, Vampire Hunter D, Zelda, Inuyasha, and Escaflowne role plays and discussions. There are even some fun contest. So please have fun! We will gladly accept new members as long as they post. ^_^

If you would like to join please tell me why you would like to join and what you're interest are. Also make sure that your profile is not set to private or friends order for me to accept your request I must view your profile to make sure that your not a spammer or a scam artist.

When donating to the guild, donate to the guild owners account Draculas-Mistress
This will be used for the prizes for the contests and awards.
If you use the guild form to donate then I cannot use the gold for rewards. Thank You.

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