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What is Chibi War?

Chibi War is a fast-paced art guild that is centered around the anime and manga stlye of art.

Chibi War has a humourous, non-serious, laid-back and very loose storyline that is about the Light Side and the Dark Side, who wage war against each other everyday, attempting to recruit as many people into their ranks as possible through any means [most means] necessary.

Although Chibi War is a battle, it isn't waged by role-playing or actually fighting someone, but by drawing art and basically harassing each other through your drawings. The only real rule is to draw your characters in a Chibi form.

The community is incredibly friendly, although very random in topics of conversation and anything in general. Most members are ready to help those in need and to give advice or just encourage you.

The Chibi War Guild has many things that will appeal to everyone, but some of them are just too random to be explained! So why don't you join and take a look?

Want more info on Chibi War? Check out the thread!

How do I join Chibi War?

To join Chibi War there are a few things you must do

1.) Read through the Rules and Guidelines!

2.) Create a profile. ( Profile Thread )

3.) Create an introduction comic. (Kinda like to tell us what side you're on, and how you joined! Many references at the Chibi War Website Comic Section. )

Once you've joined, please post your avatar in the Mandatory Avatar Thread. It makes it easier to draw you for us artists!

*It is preferred that you have all of these things done before joining Chibi War, however it is not an entire necessity.

In your request to join, please indicate if you've read the front page or not, or if you have any of the necessities done, this will make it easier to consider you for joining the guild or not.

Thank you! *


Check out our website!


Want to contact us?

Feel free to! Our email is at !

Can't get enough of us? Here's a thread on some Chibi War Nonsense!

Chibi War Theme, Website and where it started!

All images used (c)copyright to their respective owners.


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If you would just like to post your drawings and discuss about art you are welcome to do so in the artistic corner. Our subforum let's us be an art guild so if your not into the mood or just don't have any idea's for chibi war you can jump to this lovely corner and chat with the members.



Want to be affliated? All you gotta do is ask! PM either the Captain or the Vice Captains and we'll get to you as quick as possible!

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Want to Donate?

Don't be fooled!
To donate properly, and to give us gold we can actually use, please give all gold or donations to our mule/captain Takuya!

Trade with Takuya!