Under revamping! (heheh get it re-VAMP-ing?)

ωҽ ʅςσɱҽ ȶσ ȶɧҽ ςαȿȶʅҽ σғ ȿαғҽ ɧαѵҽɳ
Deep in the mountains isolated from civilization lies the castle. Many don't know of its existence for it is cloaked in mist to hide itself from those who wish harm upon the Vampires. They are lead by their Lordship Leon Valentine, master of the castle. The castle is one of many safe havens for his people. All are welcomed to his Castle. But be forewarned as nothing seems to be what it is. Many dark secrets are locked behind closed doors; doors that shouldn't be opened.

1. This is a haven, be civil.

2. If a fight ensues it can be carried out in rp (in designated locations. small brawls accepted almost anywhere), though if combat is at hand both players must choose the way of combat(format). Both parties must agree.

3. No God-Modding. Moderators will investigate certain reports.

4. Use the chain of command when a problem happens. I (Leon), should be the last one reached. If you cant reach the others then feel free to if, i'm on.

5.In RP (Role play) if you need to OOC (Out of character) then please use "( )" to keep the flow without snag in the RP sections.

6. Respect each other and your superior officers. If a problem happens we'll check it out.

7. If you leave an area in RP make sure you RP your exit. then your appearance in the other area.

8.Have fun with this and be as creative and free as possible. ^.^ Welcome to Castle Safe Haven.


To Be Announced

Major RP In Progress:

SafeHaven International Academy

The People in Charge:
LordVampyreLeon- The Head of SafeHaven. He is the noble and merciful king who created this place to give people a safe place and give people a chance to socialize and have fun. Leon likes to be with people and enjoys company. The king has been

Mar Cobochi-

Kotonashi Kibun-

Cecelia Helena Morgan-

Ezio_Legoiceking_Auditore- The RP/goto guy vice captian. Legoiceking is a longtime freind of Leon and helped initiate an idea of a safehaven. If theres any problem at all and the any of the appointed leaders are not on, go to this guy! legoiceking has a 6 year guild control experience! Not only is it guild it is a clan, mlg, theatre producers, and global business!

xXUntamed Kasai TigerXx-

Knightmare Sephiroth-

VaynBahamutValentine- Leons Roomie and cousin! He is the Zomg captain if youw ant to do zomg talk to him!

Serrath Ljon- Art Vice captain, She handles the art for the guild! if you want your art to be seen give it to her!

(all other vps please pm me if you have a role and give me a bio orif you do not then please pm me just a bio -Ezio_Legoiceking_Auditore)

The Kingdom Of Alegeharia

OOC stuff:
This guild is for everyone! All people, things, speciecs, hybrids,(furrys) come join us and have fun! we want you to have fun!
Historically this guild is old thus the revamp(huehue) and the rebirth/reconstruction of the guild! Contests will be held every now and then and will have a major RP that will teach and or can help one be better in roleplaying!