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-- r o l e p l a y || c a r d f i g h t || v a n g u a r d || r o m a n c e || b a t t l e || a d v e n t u r e --

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XXXSpriggan 5 MembersXXX

※ 1: Currently Closed

※ 2: Currently Closed

※ 3: Dante Monteiro - Spriggan "Eraser"

※ 4: Reserved - Spriggan "???"

※ 5: Sänger Von Creed - Spriggan "Dark Star"

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XXXVanguard Nation LeadersXXX

※ 1: United Sanctuary Leader: Jon Räshid

※ 2: Dragon Empire Leader: Anya Petrovsky

※ 3: Dark Zone Leader: Open

※ 4: Magallicana Leader: Selkie Weiss

※ 5: Zoo Leader: Open

※ 6: Star Gate Leader: Open

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►This Guild is a Semi-Literate Role Play.
►This Guild also enforces all of Gaia's ToS rules and if any are broken the member will be banned immediately~
►After an application is filled out, Please post in the introduction page, telling us something brief and unique about you and create a profile for your character.
►Any other questions or information requirements may be brought to the attention of any crew member.
►To apply for guild membership, one must hit the Join button and submit an application with this code right below here:

1. How active you are on Gaia.
2. How literate are you?
3. Who's your favorite Cardfighter? (Fun Question)
4. How much knowledge you have on Vanguard? (Both anime/manga wise)
5. How did you find out about us?
6. Brief RP Sample from another guild.