Please note that this guild is entirely user run and therefore isn't recognized by Gaia as an official Gaian source. In other words, there aren't any moderators or administrators or other Gaian staff in this guild.

Welcome to the Captain's Guild 2.0

Since the original Captain's Guild closed, this guild is dedicated to providing you with the all information you need to run a guild and even more. Inside, you'll find general and detailed guides explaining everything from guild functions to gaining active members. You'll also be kept up-to-date on guild glitches and events surrounding guilds. We even have forums for getting advice and just regular chatting.

If you are, or used to be, a captain, vice captain, or crew member, and you want to join, just request to join by clicking here . Please include links to the guilds you are/were Captain, VC, or crew member of as this guild is mostly intended for their uses. We are currently accepting Clan moderators.

  • Many questions can be answered through the FAQ
  • If you need to report a guild, please do so with the "Report this Guild" button on the guild index. This includes stolen guilds.
  • If you need official clarification of GGN (Gaia Guild Network) policy, please contact one of the Gaia Guild Network Moderators.
  • Forum rules apply in the Captain's Guild 2.0. See ToS. No Spam. No flames.
  • Abuse of the Captain's Guild 2.0 will result in banishment. Please keep the topic of discussion relevant to this Guild's intent.
  • Please make use of the guild's subforums and post your thread in the appropriate place.

  • Be respectful of others and you will be respected =]

Please don't donate to the guild's account!!!!! It's nice that you want to do so, but we already have more gold than we need in there!!!!!! There may be a mule you could donate to in the near future since we may hold contests here!!!!!!!

*If you're an administrator or moderator and have any issues with the content here, since most of it is copied, please send me a PM so we can resolve the problem.
**Credit wasn't given for some of the stickies and announcements, however, if you recognize one as your work and would like credit, please PM me and I'll change that. Also, if you created one of the copied threads here and don't feel comfortable with the guild using it, please send me a PM too and we can work things out (keep in mind this guild isn't meant to replace the official Captain's Guild).