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It's a place where Canadian Gaian's
(Such as myself) can talk and maybe meet in real if
they are close enough. And we can meet in a certain
rally or a friends chat thing and just have conversations.
For people tired of talking to Americans who have NO clue.

All you have to do to join is send a request to me and
tell me which Province/Territory you live in. You don't
have to give a city/town. I noticed most people on
here don't know many Provinces/Territories. All they
really know is BC ((British Columbia))

One Fun Fact About Canada.
Next to Russia Canada is the largest country.

Another Fun Fact About Canada
There are more people in Toronto and Montreal then all
Of Alberta.

British Columbia
Alberta ((I live here))
Newfoundland and Labrador
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia

Northwest Territories

If you have any suggestions Or would like me
to put which province you live in. Don't be
afraid to message me. I won't judge.

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