welcome to Camp Half - Blood!
A Roleplaying Guild. Here you can start your own adventure!

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~Before you start to RP~
you must go to parent demtermation and make a profile for your charater
then stay in the hermes cabin until you are claimed you will be claimed in less than two days. Three the most.

The camp:
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- Be friendly
- do not ask to be on crew list.
- your charater must only up to three weapons
- and you may only have up to four charaters
- Do are not allowed to post a new topic without permission for captain and vice captain
- you may not claim other campers unless you are a god.
- to be a god you must ask captian or VC
- To leave camp you need permission.
-Some pets are allowed. You must ask. It depends on your cabin and ect.
-Have fun!!!!