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Welcome to Camp

If your returning for anther summer of training head over to you're cabin and settle in. If you coming here for the first time stop over at the Big House, they will help you get settled in and give you your new Bright Orange Camp Half-Blood shirt.

We currently are accepting:

Fall == Winter == Spring == Summer
Time of Day
Morning == Noon == After Noon== Night
Breakfast == Activity One == Activity Two == Lunch == Actinity threeFree time == Dinner == Cabin Time
Sunny == Over Cast == Cloudy
Rain == Sleet == Snow

Freezing == Chilly == Moderate ==Warm Hot == Scorching

To join- click the orange join button and fill in:
Why do you want to join?
How did you find us?
Sample RP.

Events Outside Camp
Mount Olympus – Apollo has gone missing! None of the other gods seem to know where he gone off to and he been gone for weeks now.
Mortal World – An unknown singer has been on the top of the charts for the past three weeks. Everyone knows who it is. Her stage name is Blue Duckling a strange girl from the middle of know where, who’s voice she says is a gift from the gods.

Note:this guild is based off Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and The Heroes of Olympus . However you do not need to of read or know anything about the books to join. It is based in Greek Mythology.