It is 200 years after the Second Titan war and all demigods have been living in peace. The Greeks and Romans know nothing about each other. As time rolls along a Roman demigod appears at the Greek camp and they know about their past. A the Greeks keep the Roman prisoner then he breaks loose and run back to his camp. As time rolls on each camp prepares for battle. Each camp thinks he has the advantage because they have a secret weapon, but what the camps don’t know is that at each camp the new generation of campers there is a “special” demigod from each god. The “special” demigods have special powers from their parents. Will these “special” demigods tip the balance of life and upset the magical and mortal world?

Main characters at the Greek Camp Half-blood:

Son of Poseidon (Leader of Greek Camp Half-blood): Posiedonrulez
Daughter of Zeus (Second in Charge): IHarryPotterAddict
Son of Hades (Third in Charge):
Daughter of Apollo: Wolfs_Blood123
Son of Hephaestus: Sinful Sounds
Daughter of Aphrodite: Wolfs_Blood123
Daughter of Hecate:
Son of Ares:
Daughter of Demeter: xii-Taylor-xii
Son of Hermes:
Daughter of Iris:
Son of Triton:
Daughter of Persephone: XxSelenaXxlli
Son of Hypnos:
Daughter of Athena:
Son of Dionysus:
Son of Poseidon: Gon33455

Main characters at the Roman Camp Half-blood:

Son of Jupiter (Praetor of the First Legion. Leader of the Roman Camp Half-blood.): Posiedonrulez
Daughter of Neptune (First Lieutenant. Second in Charge): IHarryPotterAddict
Daughter of Pluto (Second Lieutenant. Third in Charge):
Son of Apollo:
Daughter of Vulcan:
Son of Venus:
Son of Trivia: Posiedonrulez
Daughter of Mars
Daughter of Mercury:
Son of Iris:
Daughter of Triton:
Son of Proserpina:
Daughter of Somnus:
Son of Minerva:
Daughter of Bacchus:
Daughter of Neptune:

1. Follow Gaia rules.
2. Listen to the captain and vice captains.
3. Keep it Pg-15.
4. Ask the captain before you do something major.
5. If you have an idea for the guild ask the captain and don’t be afraid to ask.
6. Ask to be a main character.