You have been chosen to join the Freedom guild. no more twolegs (humans) telling us what to do all the time. they may think we are nice but as soon as they turn their back- WHAM. We are immortal. if you are reading this- we beg you. we need warriors and strong Animals to keep the Blood of Freedom and wild strong. Please join us. these Twolegs have owned us and treated us like dirt for FAR too long. We need to either fight back, and die trying rather than die being controlled. Once again, fellow Animals, we need your help to keep blood of freedom strong. please join us!



1. you must post in forms 1 time a month.
2. you can have a twoleg owner. but beware!
3. you must be a animal at least once a week.
4. you can kill all the noobs you want.
5. you cant miss more than 50 meetings.
6. no fighting, hacking, or asking for RL info.
7. you can be a twoleg only 56 times.

Message me your whole story of how twolegs abused you, or just your own story.

Ama's Story:
Ama was born on July 14th. She was born to a Abusive owner who killed her parents. All of Ama's Family died, and she hid under the couch. one day the abusive Twoleg opened the door, and the skinny Fox made a run for it. she only got a few feet before the twoleg caught up and kicked her repeatedly. She eventually got kicked in a sewer and constantly Howled for help. Another fox rescued her and Ama grew up to be the strongest fox in her new family, until they were killed by hunters. Ama will never have a family, nor wills he ever trust a twoleg again. (IM single. lol)