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In a time when money seems to be ruling the world; slavery is far from gone. If you have the means you can own beings of all races and, as money does rule this city, there is no need to hide this filthy business. Slavery has been accepted in the City since ages; and it is getting more and more dangerous for the poor part of the population. If you lack the means to pay your debts, if you happen to be out alone at night, if you're unfortunate enough to be born into the wrong position; then you're facing the risk of becoming a slave.

So fear not, dear masters, this little slave shoppe never runs out of its goods. You can have your pick of humans, nekos, demons, elves or anything else that takes your fancy; as long as Vena Tillian is in the business you will have your fill of slaves. So come in, name your desires and dreams, and she will help you on your way.

Welcome to Cages of Despair.


This is a roleplay guild; a slave roleplay guild to be more precise. See us as a quiet little corner if you wish... We are quite picky about who we let in and will not tolerate anything less than advanced semi-literacy, we demand respect towards other guild members and roleplayers and, most important of all, we want you to have have fun! We offer, apart from the actual roleplay, a place to meet others with similar or vastly different interests and the chance of new friends as well as old ones if you tell your acquaintances about us.

Interested in joining? Apply by sending us a sample of your roleplay skills, together with a link to the roleplay it was taken from, and you could soon be one of us. When accepted; read through the rules in the forum and confirm you having done so, before becoming a full member.

We do not accept join requests without samples or links to samples.