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Buso Renkin

It’s such an odd phrase. Weapons Alchemy. Who would have thought of such a thing. Alchemy, being used as a weapon. It’s almost blasphemy, but then again, we’re only human right? What has science given us? The atom bomb, warheads, missiles, robots made for killing, I suppose alchemy was bound to be next.

Have you heard the story? About how alchemy almost brought about the end of the world? No? Well don’t worry. You’re still here, so it’s no mystery that it didn’t, but boy did we come close. If it wasn’t for the actions of a single soldier—what was his name? Kazuki Muto—this world would have ended in a bang.

The governments of the world came together for the first time in forever to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. We purged ourselves of alchemy. Anything of the sort was sent on a one way trip to the moon.

But we all know history has that nasty habit of repeating. It only took seven years, and someone, I don’t recall his name brought alchemy back into the world. I’m not really complaining about it, though. Alchemy is the world’s greatest gift. With it, we’ve accomplished so much, but I just hate so much that it’s been bastardized as a weapon. Everything it has to offer, and all we can think of is another way to kill things.

I guess we should count our blessings, though. Beyond the military, most of the world hasn’t a clue. Alchemy is a dead science to them. They don’t teach it in schools, they don’t tell how it’s being used—they pretty much make sure the world doesn’t even know it exists. Governments have a nasty habit of doing that.

But I digress.

As a result of alchemy being reintroduced into the world, the dark offsprings were reintroduced as well. Homunculi are what they’re called. They show up every so often killing and maiming and eating stray people. It’s not their fault I suppose, but it’s still something that needs to be stopped. Every so often a smart one’ll come along and build an army with some crazy plan to take over the world. That’s where people like me come in.

My name is Duke Seyer, and I’m one of the leading officers in what’s come to be known as the Alchemist Regime. We’re basically the police force against those monstrosities of alchemy. We’re mostly made up of people who’ve been scared by alchemy. The most common story we have here is some rouge homunculus came and destroyed someone’s hometown. That Kazuki kid was also a part of the Regime. Who knows, maybe if you join up, you’ll be the next world hero hardly anyone remembers.


Although this is a Buso Renkin guild it is Required that all Role play characters are not token from the story and that their is no person Rping as any of the original characters from the anime.


Reason for request: Why do you want to join?
How often can you be around: We know that it can fluctuate but we need to have an idea. If you can only post once a month, then this guild might not be the right guild for you. We try to keep things going by weekly.
Rp sample: Must be at least two decent paragraphs.

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