This guild is for those who walk the night, loyal servants, and those allied with them. The faint-of-heart and the indecisive are not welcomed here. Only those truly devoted to the Kind may have the slightest chance of acceptance here. We do accept those who are new to the lifestyle. We also accept those who are curious about it, but only for a short while. IF you are just studying you get 1 week in the guild unless you would like to become one of us or to serve us. Our kind is bound by secrecy and if you expose anything you will regret it.

Your request to join must include:
1.You must demonstrate knowledge about the hierarchy. Be it the Veil or the Brethren.
2. You must also demonstrate knowledge of the hierarchy itself, not just the codes involved (know how it's set up, something about procedure, titles and how to earn them.)
3. Tell if you are a Follower of the veil or bretheren, or an ally, or wish to serve the dark ones.