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Welcome to the guild for "Watership Down", a great book written by Richard Adams. If you have ever been a fan of the book, it's sequel, the movie, or even the TV series, then this is the guild for you. Come in and discuss whatever you want; just be sure to follow the rules!

This is the first and currently only GGN guild dedicated to WD, and hopefully it will be the best.
Began: 02.16.08

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1. Harassment is not tolerated!
2. Gaia TOS must be followed at all times.
3. Quite simply, respect one another.
4. No spamming either (Definition: Don't spam like some people in the Chatterbox if you know what I mean)
5. Please put something in your join request or it will be denied.

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If you would like to affiliate with us, please see the Affiliates thread inside the guild.

1. Tales of Watership Down -- A Breedables shop that hosts a roleplay based on Watership Down.
2. The Nostalgic Kids TV Guild -- A guild dedicated to fans of old school cartoons, such as Watership Down.