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(Ill edit this later- Please PM me the profiles)
1. Please Follow Gaia's RP and Guild Rules
2. Be Colorful
4. Before Posting Please Read These Rules
5. Before You Post Please Fill Out A Skelly.
Master/Slave Skelly (including Charms and Collars)
6. I Will Post Your Profiles In The Oppropriate Area Below
Slave [Female]
Slave [Male]
Master [Male]
Master [Female]

7. Please Keep It PG-13 To PG-17. If Either I Or Your Fellow Crew Members See That You Are Going A Tad Over The Limit We Will Ask You To Go to PM
8. Please Do Not Kill Your Master Or Slave Unless You Get My Consent Or Your Partners OK
9. If You Are A Slave Or Master Who Needs A Slave Or Master Contact Me
10. We Will Have Meetings That Are Mandatory. If You Can Not Make It Tell One Of The Other Members To Fill You In

*HAVE FUN!!!!!!!