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Welcome To Booty Grab Dementia,

Our First Day of Existence is 2/13/2012

There will be a short application to join, Just State Briefly Why you Wish to Join Our Guild.

Whether it be to get your tank out there, or to just Grab gold.

You do not have to have a Tank for this Guild, although it is preferrred, but if you are here to grab gold and chat, you are still welcome into our family.

Rules That You Must Follow
*The Gaia T.o.s
*Crude Language will be avoided
*We will all get along for the sake of the Guild
*I will not accept unactive people
*No Page Stretching
*Keep your type of tank to the correct Thread.
*Dont expect perfection.
{if you read the rules place this in your application, this will be required}

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