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Book of Days is a role playing guild. This role playing guild caters to all styles of role playing from a medieval and fantasy setting to a steam punk and wild western setting. The guild employs a strict rule of literacy, to be explained more thoroughly in the rules that will follow this paragraph. Here in the guild, I will try and answer any questions that any of you may have about role playing, links will be posted to many different resources that may be used in the role play and together, we will have many enjoyable role playing sessions and, hopefully, make memorable friendships.

Out of Character Rules:

1. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated in the guild.
2. No hate toward any one person will be tolerated. We are about everyone coming together for fun. This means anyone hating on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, social background, political or religious affiliation, etc., etc. will be severely punished for doing so.
3. No bumping a thread, please, unless it falls off of a page.
4. No spamming or advertising here. That means other guilds, threads or contests.
5. OOC threads should only be posted in the OOC area.

In Character Rules:

1. Do not kill another character without their permission.
2. No powerplaying or godmoding allowed. Let the other player control their own character.
3. Do not use symbols for characters, please. (**, ~~, ++, etc.)
4. Use quotation marks (" wink for speech.
5. I'm not going to put a limit on post length, but give the other person something to work with. This would require at least one well developed paragraph.
6. No sexual relations between characters. Fade outs and fade ins are fine, since they're perfectly within PG-13 limits, just don't make us have to read that stuff, please. No one wants to. Just keep in mind PG-13 on romance.
7. To an extent, blood and gore is OK, just be careful and use common sense.
8. Cursing is fine, just not every other word.
9. Be cordial in OOC conversation or argument.
10. Have fun!

Upon sending in your join request, please furnish the following
Sample of your role playing skills.
Preferred genre of role playing.

Link to the guild in your signatures.