Hello Gaia People,

I'm Alex Matrix and I'm Leader of this club and I'm letting you know what are the rules in this club!

1. Respect People and Your Members in the Club!

2. Don't Tease or insult people about their lifes cuz thats mean!

3. If you want to use the suit anywhere I dont mind! xD But if we going to have a hangout I will make a news about it!

4. If you want to join in this Club you need (Fitness Camp Body Builder) suit to enter but, if you need help get one we can help you donate to get it! Or you can use (Winding 5th Gen) shirts for boys and girls!

5. If you want to be in the HIGHER rank here in the club you need to improve yourself by Passing my TEST!

6. If you have any problems anything at all...LET ME KNOW! so I can take care of the problem!

And remember.....Don't be SHAME OF IT!
And It's..Your...Choice!