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welcome to blue moon acadamy.all races accepted nekos, elf, shapeshifter etc. We are located in the country but have a city close by.
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here are some rules
1. Romance is allowed and encouraged.
2. Cussing is also allowed but must be kept to a minimum.
3. Don’t be afraid to add topics to the subform Off /On Campus.
4. No spamming
5. Must be active at least 2 posts a week preferably more
6. If I find any of these rules broken the person who did it will automatically be banned from the guild.
7. All questions should be asked by pm to the captain. Or you can post them in the questions topic
8. No God-modding or God/Godess characters
9. Have Fun!

guild was created on friday april 16, 2010 by Soalless Angel (name may change)
previous owners:
Soalless Angel