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                      Years had passed since Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing had passed away. Her passing drew the end of the Hellsing Organization. Which her passing freed Alucard and Seras Victoria. Them able to roam around the world freely.

                      Seras decided to create an Academy. For those who know about the creatures of the night. And for those who are walking about in the night. That is right. She created an Academy for humans and vampires. As long as the vampires won't harm the humans.
                      Everything would go perfectly.

                      Seras created the school to teach humans and vampires how to get along with one another. And it is like any other academy. To learn everything they need to learn about life in the world. And basic learning methods. She wants humans and vampires to get along with one another. Without vampires harming humans.

                      Years went by since Seras opened the academy. And lots of people had attended the academy. But she had to split the students in ranks. Humans had to attend their classes during the day. Them known as the Day Class. Vampires attended their classes during the night. Them known as the Night Class. She even gave both classes their own colored uniforms to wear. Humans wore blue and white uniforms. While the vampires wore red and black. Something to help tell them apart.

                      The reason why Seras had to split them up was that the humans still feared the vampires. And that a vampire tried to feed off of a couple of the human students. So Seras had no choice but to split the races to day and night classes. Over the years humans started to forget vampires and wrote them off as myths and legends. The humans now think they're just attending a normal academy. But they are not. Even a few human's still believe and know about the vampires attending or teaching at the academy.