Hurray for recycling guilds! Okay... Only the best roleplayers are handpicked to join our ranks. If you wish to submit an application, the form is at the bottom.

The guild is meant to be a fun roleplaying guild for skilled and experienced users. It's specifically designed to mantain a certain level of quality, however. Below are the rules of the guild. They are a bit strict, but easy to follow. They are there with the intention of making sure the roleplaying is geared to a certain level of quality.

-Gaia ToS, obviously
-Roleplay creators are considered the moderators of their topic. They are responsible for contacting the guild master or an officer to enforce their rules. (i.e. removing inappropriate posts, etc.)
-Godmoding is only allowed in roleplays that specifically permit it in their rules.
-No "magically knowing things." Using any information that your character would not know by any logical means is unrealistic, and in a way cheating the other roleplayers. In other words, read the roleplay, but make sure when you post you're posting with what your character knows, not what you know. I suggest to all roleplay creators to strictly enforce this rule. For an example of this, see the grey text at the bottom of the page.
-Please stick with roleplays you join, and stay consistant with your posting. If a key character suddenly doesn't post for an entire week, it can seriously disrupt the roleplay. If you will be unable to post for more than a day, announce it.
-Remain active! Once again, consistancy is important within the guild.
-No cybering on the forum! Keep it PG-13. Take anything that goes beyond that to PMs.
-No spamming
-Good grammar and spelling! All of you have been invited because you write at least at a high school level. Keep it that way.
-Post length posts should be at least 5 lines long on average. If you use a smaller font size, please make sure the post is still this length, or switch back to normal font. 5 lines is the minimum average length, but I would love to see posts that have 10 or more lines. Adding detail really brings the roleplaying to a whole new level.
-Make sure to regularly check on the forum for any updates. I will always post them there.

*(A good example of this is a character my friend had. She was a human possessed by a demon. The demon had the ability to transform the girl into him. At one point, someone who did not know about this told her to release him. Clearly they had been posting using information that had been given in the character's profile, but information that thier character did not know.)

Applications (not needed if you recieved an invitation)
Why you are interested
How often you are on Gaia daily
Link to a roleplay you have participated in
Extra information

I hope you all enjoy the guild, and I look forward to roleplaying with all of you!
-Teddo, your friendly neighborhood guildmaster