One day, not too long ago, there was a King and his Queen of Eseray. They were not perfect, but they did what they needed for their kingdom and themselves and that made them great rulers. Their kingdom loved them and they loved their kingdom, so it wasn't a surprise when everybody rejoiced at the news of the Queen baring a child!

What little did they know that the Queen was having two children; and when they finally came women, men, and their children all came to congratulate the royal family and meet their little princesses.

Time went on and the children were beginning to grow into themselves. Both were beautiful and slim; one, the 'first' born, learned how to sew and dance and sing and do all other things most women should learn and she learned them fast and well. The other was not as fast a learner as the first.. at least in those sorts of things. She would try to sew, but her stitching would go crooked, and she would try to dance but most were awed by her sister.

Soon, she learned that her specialties were not her sisters. In fact, they were much different. Where her sister could sew, she learned that she could learn the ways of a sword just as fast. Where her sister could dance to awe people, she could dance with death just as easily.

As they grew, they also grew apart. One was more girly and the other took on hobbies that a man would and that caused them to drift apart.

Time came and war erupted and though they won the war, they lost their father for he believed a man who calls war should be the man to lead that war. They were all devastated, especially their mother who tried to stay strong for them but it was not soon after that she let her loneliness consume her.

They have no idea if she'd died from her sadness, or if she killed herself..but she gave the kingdom to the first child which the other found unfair. They were twins after all, and she felt her sister to be naive..but when she spoke her mind of it her sister commanded her to say no more.

In anger, she left the kingdom and rallied up humans and creatures alike into a secret battle across the sea. Together, they overtook the kingdoms of Garth and Tiwar; Stealing their land and their people.

They tore down every building and turned over every rock and built it all into the kingdom it is now; Raelin.

Now, two twins rule most of the land around them and both of them are trying to overtake the other.