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Blood moon pack is a very peaceful pack, but sometimes the hunters cause problems with Blood Moon. This pack lives in a forest so it's not easy to hide from bears but hunters can be easy to attack. There is a pack close by from Blood Moon call Twilight Moon Pack and they do cause problems to the Blood Moon Pack.

1. No Killing unless Approved or the person has been banned from the guild
2. No text talk
3. No bad Language
4.You must ask to be in a specific Position
5.No Mating unless Approved
6. Time skip if your characters are gonna mate or do it in PM's
7.No arguing with the Captain or Vice Captain(s)
8.Mates! You are not mates until I say
9.Pups!! You cant have pups until you have a mate. And before you post for mates check with me
10.No god moding in third person. No "I am" or "I was"
12.Have fun!

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