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It was milleniums ago when the first thread to multiple worlds ever occurred. It was by an organization, that seemed to develop out of no where of multiple races known as The Observers, lead by a man.. Their King, Kansatsu. This came to shock the newly developed Gotei Thirteen when some of their own kind, their comrades betrayed them for this organization, which claimed to be liberating 'Perfect Beings' from the 'Impertections' that according them tainted these realms. The full outlooks of their plans were never revealed, but it didn't matter in the end for the Gotei Thirteen, because with the combined efforts of the Squads and outside forces, they managed to defeat the Observers, ending their organization once and for all..
Some still questioned what happened to the Observers, if they died upon their defeat or broke up their organization to live out the rest of their lives.

It was a few thousand years later that the war several wars occurred in Ichigo Kurosaki's time, this is where countless things changed history. Countless tales of the man beating all odds with his friends. Whether it was the revenge of the Bounto, the creation of forbidden Bakkōtō, the rebellion of Zanpakuto, the war between Shinigami and Arrancar which was sparked by Aizen who's goal was to destroy the Spirit King.. The plans of Xcution arranged by Ex- Substitute Shinigami Kugo Ginjo.. Or even the fearsome return of the Quincy to finish the long lost war between Shinigami and Quincy.. In the end, Ichigo would pull through. Seeming to bring peace the best that him and his friends could.. Which lead up to this very day, a few hundred years later.

Where currently, there seems to be a fragile lull of peace between all the races. This is not to say that there is no arguing at all between the Leaders of every race, but there has been no event large enough to start any sort of war between them. However, the tranquility hangs on a thin thread, that can snap at any moment.

Will the peace last, or will a dark force once more sweep over the Worlds to launch them into a bloodbath again?

Rules ::

Designed by Yummy Biscuits
The rules are to be followed to the DOT. If you break a Rule, A warning will be given. That warning will wear off in two weeks. If Three ( 3 ) warnings compline together, You will be removed from the guild, and reported to Gaia officials. The rules are as follows.

Ⓧ Rules are very important as they are what keeps the role-play environment fair for all players. Rules-Dodging will be considered an affront to the guild and be punished.

Ⓧ Follow Gaia TOS. There will be few exceptions to the TOS within the guild however.

Ⓧ Cursing is allowed. However, Remain tactful in your endevors to roleplay. There will be a few people younger than yourself. Myself, I am Sixteen, and would prefer not to read a Curse word every other word in posts.

Ⓧ Romance is allowed, However, as written above, Remain tactful. Therfore, Follow this.
|- Keep things NC-17. That means only grabbing, and things to sugest that other happenings have gone on. Use time-skips, or go to PM.
|- Don't screw around with everyone, unless it's your thing to screw everyone.

Ⓧ You must remain litterate. A minimum post size is in order. Every post must be at least Five ( 5 ) sentances long. Make sure grammar and spelling is nice and tidy as well. Breaking this rule will get you kicked out immediately.

ⓍYou must be approved before you can start Role Playing. I've seen some guilds with this problem before, where they post up a character and instantly start Role Playing. I will not stand for that.

Ⓧ No God-Mode. (God-Mod)
God Mode is defined as an action that implies the actor has the express power of God in that they perform an action uncontested by another player that they are interacting with. This guild holds a Zero tolerance policy to God-Mode.
-->Examples of God Mode include:
|- Puppeteering: Where in the one player gains control of another player's character, or performs actions of the other character, without consent or contest. There are powers that allows one player to control another but they are always considered contested, unless the second player expressly consents to the control, and concedes the contest..
|-- Auto-Hit: Automatically confirming a hit, it is assumed that if a hit is contested the player contesting it has the right to dispute the attack. While that dispute may resolve in a hit it is not the aggressor's duty to assume the hit was successful.
|--- Auto-Kill: A further extension of auto-hitting. This often happens when the killer believes there is no imaginable way to negate the kill when in-fact this only illustrates a lack of imagination rather than power. Kills can be confirmed but it is again, not the duty of the killer to make that assumption.
|-- Auto-Dodge: When contesting a hit it is the defending party's responsibility to illustrate how the hit can be avoided. This must be done within reason. There is no circumstance where in a hit will automatically fail without question.
|--- Auto-Flee: As an extension to Auto-Dodge, it is separated from 'Fair Escape' by the contest. A contested exit from the scene must be resolved before a character is allowed to remove him or herself from that scene.

Aside - 1: Fair Escape: A Fair Escape is considered an escape that remains un-contested by the players involved, if any, in the scene. A player who executes a fair escape may remove itself from a scene. Such escapes are deemed law-full exits.

Ⓧ Be respectful to those around you. Not only should you respect those of higher rank, like crew, VC, and Captain, but your fellow members as well. This rule translates over to RPing as well. If you are on the same side with someone, try not to have major beefs, got it?

Aside - As fellow members of the community moderators will also be held to this standard.

Ⓧ The chain of command is there to protect both the role players, and the moderators. Please respect the chain of command. A moderator will not be placed in a position if they can not respect the chain of command. Circumventing the chain of command will be considered an affront to the guild leaders.

Ⓧ Plagarisim:
Role-Play is a work of creative self expression. Plagarism is a violation of that spirit, as such it is considered a violation of the rules.
Aside - Due to the liability Plagiarism may open Gaia Online to, harsher punishments than normal may be ascribed to enforcing this rule.
|-No Canon Characters: Our guild operates under the Creative Commons license which does not extend to Canon characters of Bleach.

Ⓧ Illiteracy is grounds for removal. Captain decision only.

Ⓧ Kills are allowed in this roleplay. While people love their characters, you will just have to man up, and deal with it.There are many cases where a character may die, including:
|- Catching an attack that would certainly cause death.
|- Losing a bout, and being left in a defenseless mode, where a kill can be confirmed.
|- A supposed rush attack would be turned around by the defender parrying in such a way that either longer reach or a higher amount of skill would cause a blow that would result in death. This can also be attributed to auto-hitting in the idea that a character can not dodge in the middle of a charge/rush attack.
|- Reiatsu stores being depleted enough as to cause death.
|- Being overwhelmed in a bout, with an attacker with higher skill/power, resulting in character death.
|- The result of the Senka technique, in which the chain binding and Soul sleep are destroyed, resulting in loss of spiritual power. A character left helpless may die as a result.