Shinigami ((lieutenant's))
Calling all Lieutenant's after mysterious events in hueco mundo the captains of the Gotei 13 have been sent out to investigate but after seventy two hours all contact with there captains leaving the soul society in the hands of lieutenant's to investigate the matter as well as taking care of the world of the living.

Arrancar ( Fraccion)

After a explosion in the middle of hueco mundo leaving a large hole in the dessert the blast so powerful it cut clear through to the Forest of Menos. The sand around the hole seemed to have crystallized in the blast preventing the sand to fill it in upon the arrival of the Nueva Espada and there Fraccion they have found that the Shinigami captain's were there as well before fighting could brake out both captain commander and Cero Nueva Espada both agreed to put aside petty difference's and work together for the sake of both groups. With the agreement the Cero Nueva Espada ordered the Fraccion back to ruins of Las Noches 48 hours later no one seen any sign of the captains or Nueva Espada.

Both ((Captains and Nueva Espada))
with the help of the Nueva Espada, the Captains found that the hole went far below the Forest of Menos to a never before seen place with sudden flash of light the Captains and the Nueva Espada were gone the only thing left to be found was a single word at the Las Noches level of hueco mundo wrighten in the crystal around the hole “bête diabolique”

~Missing Spiritual Pressure Arc.~

Shinigami (lieutenants)
After seventy-two hours without a single word from the captains, the central 46 called for a meeting to inform the lieutenants of the captains' disappearances. They were told that until the captains return they will be taking on the duties of there captains. After central 46 dismissed the lieutenant's they had a meeting of there own do talk about how they were going to brake the news and what action they were going to take. Three hours and two fights later they had come to a agreement four lieutenants will go to the world of the hollows two or three will go to the human world and the remaining squads lieutenant's will remain in the soul society to protect it in case of an attack.

Arrancars (Fraccion)
24 hours after losing contact with the Nueva Espada the Fraccion sent three of their members of there group to see what happened to their leaders. As they arrived they found a message in the crystallized sand and continued to investigate after some time had found some remains of a Shinigami shihakusho and the squad haori of the fifth squad captain and what appeared to the be broken guard to a Nueva Espada's Zanpakuto. Also what seemed to be a bloody severed finger with a ring still on but who the owner is is unknown. Deciding to send one of them back to report what happened and bring the items that were found in case the owners came looking for them. The group that remained at the site went down to the forest of Menos to further look in to what happened. They only found more of the same broken Zanpakuto but this time there was more blood stains then just a finger. The Fraccion decided to end the investigation after finding no more evidence to tell them what else happened besides a major battle, their only thoughts is that the Shinigami with their untrustworthy ways attacked them when they weren't looking and they didn't want to think about the rest all, they knew was that more Shinigami were going to show up.

Prepare yourself.