The Hand of Sorrow
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Bleach: The Hand of Sorrow is a simple literate role-playing guild dedicated to Bleach. Though the guild is quite small in terms of members, it is organized and well supported. The members are friendly and helpful so there is no need to be shy. Like the saying goes, the more, the merrier so come on by and help the guild grow!

How to Join !

➜ ⟦ Read the following before filling out the Join Request Form
Anything in Bold must be answered in the request. All blank join requests will be DECLINED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1)What aspect of the guild made you apply for this guild?
2)What do you like best about Bleach
3)What race do you want to be?
4)How literate are you on a scale of 1-10?(One being the lowest and ten the highest. Please be honest.)
5) Are you willing to be active?

6) What guilds have you been in?

O f f i c i a l O p e n i n g

The Winter War is a thing of the past now despite the large section it takes in Shinigamis students' history textbook. The Gotei was at its strongest; the captains surpassed their predecessors and their officers were not far behind. However, trouble brewed at the disappearance of the Head Commander. Abduction would be the appropriate term as she had been taken by creatures of unbelievable strength. Her last sighting was in the Human World, but her colleagues only found her wounded zanpaku-to spirit once they arrived at the scene. All hopes of finding Kazana lie in the depths of Kuroryu, the ravaged underground prison under the control of the Zero Division. Have the captains released a monster in disguise for the sole purpose of retrieving their leader? And what are those strange sightings in the World of the Living?

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