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Our Story….

Arc 1: Rebuilding of the Soul Society

200 years ago the Shinigami officers under Yamamoto perished or disappeared during the war with the Espada. This left the Shinigami in disarray scrambling to get the Gotei squads back together. At the forefront two Shinigami that had survived the disaster and worked together to rebuild the Seireitei and the Gotei squads.
As the squads were being rebuilt by both Yuni Ukitake and Kurasu a new enemy made their appearance. They went by the name of the Lordes and were very powerful Vizard/Espada hybrids. They attacked the Seireitei and caused Karasu to leave the Shinigami with the Lordes. This left the rest of the Captains and Yuni to rebuild what had been destroyed in the Seireitei. They then deemed Karasu a traitor for leaving them.

Arc 2: 5 Years Later and the Rise of the Lordes

Five years later the Lordes were gaining power. They have taken over Hueco Mundo and have joined forces with the Espada. In the Seireitei many of the Shinigami are rethinking their thoughts about being associated with the Gotei squads. This all begins to happen when Yuni leaves with Karasu to try to bring him back. As she attempts this Karasu loses control of his inner hollow. This changes him over to his hollow Kamori and all seems lost. Yuni returns to the Seireitei to find some of the Captains have gone their own ways. She had little time to think as the human world was being attacked by the Lordes and Espada.

Arc 3: The Attack on the Human World

The invasion on the real world has begun. The Shinigami and the Vizards must join together to take down the Lordes and the Espada. Will they protect the human world or will all be lost in the end of this epic show down?

Arc 4: Retaliation


After joining, send Kunesume2 or my VCs, tyhier_uchiha and Haruko Ryu your profile. If this isn't done you will be unable to rp.
Thank You,
Kunesume2, tyhier_uchiha and Haruko Ryu


Currently looking for Gotei Squad Vice-Captains, Shinigami, and a few Captains.

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