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Welcome to Bleach Rp: Dawn Of A New Era
We Have rules Here and they are as followed:

1. Follow the Gaia TOS{terms of service}

2. Keep all personal matters out of the guild or in the Central Courtyard (( Free talk Forum ))

3. Godmoding is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of godmoding will be severally punished under the guilds justice system

4. Respect is a must. Respect all higher ranking status to you and even the ones below you.This is one of the guilds golden rules. To disrespect even a fellow member is a punishable offense, but to disrespect your superior may get you banned. Think twice before you make a disrespectful comment.

5. Listen to the crews and Vc's of the guild , their word is law and as such you shall not question them. if you feel that a crew has done something unjust then talk to a Vc and if you think that a Vc has done something unjust talk to the guild leader.

6. try to be as active as possible. We understand that things may happen to you in life and Gaia will be the last thing on your mind, but also understand that when you join this guild you made a comment to be active. If you will be gone for a while please post that your leaving in the topic ~~Leave~~ {if you gonna be gone for awhile}

7. New members of the guild MUST post their profiles in the CORRECT profile format before enlisting in the academy, only after your academy training will you be allow to join a squad and role play in it. follow the instructions of your squad officers and your captain.

8. No Spamming. Spam, or posts that are nonsensical or irrelevant to the forum in which they're posted, should only be posted in the Central Court yard sub forum. Members are encouraged to stay on topic and be relevant to the theme of where discussions are held. Being informative or entertaining are also good ways to get a good conversation going.

9. We do not speak of religion, especially in a negative manor. To do so is a punishable offence. We are one guild, diverse in our beliefs. Respect your fellow members religion and beliefs, there will be no bashing.Coincidentally there is to be no bashing of ones sexual preferences (gays/Bis). one is allowed to kill anothers character in no way unless they have given permission and as such must occ post it to let us know.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be punished by law of the guilds justice system

To Join us here Please include this in your Application:

How long you have been a part of Gaia Online?
How Active are you?
Have you RPed Before?
How did you find this guild?
Do you plan to stick around?
How much you know about bleach?
Will you follow our Rules Here?