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The Intro
Spirit World is a vast place a territory as a parallel for every corner of the earth... The parallel of life itself.
Soul Society, the Territory of the Orient the heart of stability and change, and the start of many things within the realm beyond life... Including the start of the new breed...
Sutasoken or as some would call it “the creation star” one of the Soul-King’s many treasures that are transported through the realms every other century. As the name suggests this artifact possesses a great creative power. Over Five hundred years ago the Sutasoken detonated during transport, its power spreading across the spirit world like a meteor shower. Where the shower of light touched down there was life, even the most barren territories became fruitful, whereas some thought it was an accident others thought it was a gift from the soul king to the souls he ruled. The land wasn’t all that prospered, the following generations produced protégée children, geniuses when it came to utilizing reishi, but following the generation of protégées, came something totally new. A new generation of souls bearing a whole new sense of power.

Their existence was seen as a threat… and so the Genocide began…
XXXXXXXXRare beings... some of them children of Rukongai residents, others children of Shinigami. What they have in common are their mixed reiatsu. A normal individual has their own unique spirit pressure, but those of the new breed has three one identical to their mother, one identical to their father and one of their own unique signature. These children are all born frail, yet within the first few days or even month of their life they obtain a vast amount of spirit pressure, their power would no doubt grow as the children grew.
They were called many names, Hoshiko meaning star child or Suta-Tamashii Star-Soul

XXXXXXXXCentral 46 saw them as a threat, within Soul Society infants showing traits of being a Star-Soul were slain in secret and it was recorded that such children died of SIDS. The existence of Star-Souls had been kept secret from all of Soul Society and all of the Seireitei, with the exception of those instructed to kill the Star-Souls.

XXXXXXXXThe territory of the Orient wasn't the only ones purged of the Star-Souls, If Central could manage to send their scouts into territories which neighbored Soul Society then the other nations followed, however due to the distance of other regions, Central 46 didn’t always receive report of the Star-Souls when one happened to be born, the Star-Soul would get older and Central 46 would have to come up with a different plot to kill the child off and cover it up… sometimes by way of having a member of Research and Development concoct a bio weapon, sometimes by allowing hollows to attack, and sometimes they would simply order an assassination and dispose of the body. At any rate, it was important to keep all Star-Souls from reaching adulthood.
But things rarely go as planned.

The Story
XXXXXXXXAfter Central 46 had been killed by Sousuke Aizen, there was no one left to order the deaths of Star Souls. Tho only Star Soul known to still live resides in the Seireitei, but he isn’t the only survivor… Other Star-Souls live and they place the blame on all soul reapers for Central 46’s actions…

XXXXXXXXIt’s been five years since Aizen’s defeat Star-Souls who’ve lived in hiding are now coming out and coming together preparing to wage war on Gotei 13 and take down Soul Society.

XXXXXXXXWhat Is a Star-Soul? A Star-Soul is the new breed the evolution of shinigami, people born with the ability to break down, absorb, and/or reconstruct energies and in some cases substances. In a since they are living Hōgyokus with different ranges of power according to their class.
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