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Welcome to Bleach Histories Present. a guild dedicated to the popular Manga Bleach by Tite Kubo. The guild, while created by the Captain and Crew is worked upon with all it's contributing members, their ideas brought forth to further its creativity and inspiration. This guild was created solely on the love its members have for the Anime and Manga and we strive as a guild to not only give the members the chance to be creative but also strive to remain within the Bleach Universe; meaning you won't find mixtures of other Anime's incorporated.

One of our contributing features that allow it's members this creativity is that the guild is set in an Alternate Universe though we try to keep some of the fundamental features that make Bleach so wonderful, we do not have any of its backstory within the guild. This merely means that the creation of the Gotei 13 or the Menos Army is different and that the characters you've come to know throughout Tite Kubo's story were never present in the guilds history. We do this so that you can ultimately have a 'clean' slate. Create characters who were around in the beginning or in the end without having to worry about the pesky canonical stories of characters you might have come into contact with.

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Can I join? I absolutely love Ichigo!
No. Please follow the joining format below.

I was invited, but I'm not sure if I can handle another guild. Can I save the invitation and join at a later date?
Of course. You are free to keep your invitation and accept it whenever you wish.

What do you expect from me as a member?
Priority One: That the rules be followed at all times and that you have an understanding of them. Originality or the desire to improve. That literacy is used at all times. Activity is also a priority. And we ask that you understand that no one will be playing any canon characters or characters of a family line. IE the granddaughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.

What sorts of things does your guild offer me as the member?
The guild itself offers clean and well-organized threads with information to help members and RPers learn the settings of the areas. Customizable profile threads to house all your ideas and information as well locations for Divisions and Cells to congregate with customizable options. Member-hosted threads where the members can create areas for RP within the subforums allowing for expansions of the realms and more hospitable environments. Active Crew who are always available and always taking in ideas to improve the story line. Mission Dispatches where members can always have something to do. Updated Information from the Anime and Manga so you're always in the loop. Manga Discussions and loads of information to help you to become a great or greater RPer.

I have some extra cash and feeling generous. How do I donate to the guild?
Send items as a gift or open a trade to the guild mule account. Please do not donate directly to the guild account, the guild account does not allow access to the funds to be given to the members. With the help of a mule account the funds or items donated can be returned to the members of the guilds in the event of prizes and other activities we hold throughout the years.
Guild Mule: Bleach Histories Present

My request to join was declined! Why!?
Your join request was likely declined due to a various number of reasons. The main reason is a failure to adhere to the Join Request format. You might have simply said you wanted to join, or that you love [insert Bleach Character name and/or race here]. Other reasons, though rarely a case is that you are a suspicious member, either you're too new to Gaia in general or you're a past member that we've had issues with before.

Why is the guild entry fee only 1 gold? Why not free?
As you can see we have plenty of funds in the guild account and do not see the need to take more from our members. We charge 1 gold in fees which ensures your username is recorded in our transactions records, which helps us keep track of when members join.

I have my profile nearly complete though I'm missing something. Help?
Absolutely, but before we do, the guild has a variety of helpful tips and guides that you can take a look at first, perhaps something you misunderstand now will be clear to you after you read. Sadly, these guides are not available to you until you're a member due to the guild being hidden. If you still feel you are unsure or have further questions or problems, we're more than happy to help.

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When the blank join box pops up, it is in your best interests not to ignore it. We ask that you post one of two things in it: condensed example of your roleplaying style (an excerpt from a past post for example); or a web address (URL) that will forward to a past or current role play you were or are involved in. This will help us to assess your literacy and so forth. (NOTE: BBCode does not work in the little white box, so post just the address and/or text you wish the guild moderators to see.)

Please keep in mind that though I do not mind a little note at the bottom of your example, blank or pointless requests not following the format stated above will be declined without a second thought. You are however free to reapply when the declined grace period expires. (Generally 1-2 weeks)

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