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Hello and welcome to Bleach: Darkened Swords.
Darkened Swords was formed on April 22, 2010 by our original Guild Captain shadowblade665. Many have joined and have been with us for months to years and we are always looking for new semi-literate to literate people to join in on the fun with us. Multiple times we have been in the top Bleach and Roleplay guilds on gaia and we strive to continue making it happen by providing a fun, interesting roleplay that while we do have some standards won’t take ourselves too seriously.



A Game of Shadows

The year is 2018 and the war has been hard. For two hundred and twenty eight (228.) years the Arrancar and the Shinigami have been hard at each other's throats in a grueling war that has claimed the lives of many. Over 200 years of violent contest between two powerhouses. But not all is as it would appear…. This is but the culmination of events that predate the beginning of the war's official engagement in 1890. It began so much longer ago, under the cover of shadow and secrecy...Before the war found its formal engagement, activities strange in nature began to transpire. Within the realm of Soul Society powerful forces were at work, forces that would shape the face of the realm and those that guarded it. What’s more, somewhere within Hueco Mundo similar forces were at work. Mysterious murders, odd executive action, Shinigami disappearances, and the increase of Arrancar in late years. Things are very much not as they seem….

And the focus? That around which the war currently revolves? The Hogyoku. Product of extensive research and intensive experimentation on Shinigami captives by Hollow captors and on other Hollows. The key to imminent victory. It slowly became known what the cause behind these disappearances were: the Hollow were capturing Shinigami for experimentation in order to attain greater power. The power to crush the Shinigami. After long suffering the oppression of the Shinigami force, the Hollow began to discover and perfect the means to greater. It was through this experimentation that the Hogyoku, and item of perhaps immeasurable power, was created. At least that is the story. Split in half by the Captain Commander himself after a raid on Hueco Mundo, the Hogyoku now rests in the hands of the Captain Commander and the Hollow King in equal perfectly split halves. And with the Hogyoku divided, its power and potential is halved at best. Both sides desperately wish to obtain their missing half whilst safeguarding their own, for if either were to succeed a new army of Arrancar or breed of Vizard may come into being and rise to eradicate their respective foes. But more is at work here than just the battle for the Hogyoku.

Other artifacts exist as well, buried in history and in the worlds, artifacts capable of tipping the balance. Or destroying it. And with so much going on one cannot help but wonder if there is not someone pulling the strings behind the scenes….


A Message From the Guild Captain

Hello there, I welcome you to this long running roleplay that has honed the skills and the minds of so many over its long life. I am the new guild captain but I am in no way new to this guild, nor the way everything works here. This guild is nothing without those who roleplay in it, as such no large decision will be made in this guild without the thoughts of each member being at least considered, never hesitate to ask questions or be creative, everything is open to discussion, we would love to have you, help us make this guild better and more active then it has ever been.

- Dalaga Helios


Captain 1: Axzarii Heyaki (Axzaki Heroki)
Captain 2: Hagureta Kiba (Feiyimei)
Captain 3: Kisara Nightroad (Enshara)
Captain 4: Haruko Helios (Mandi Suga Candi) [Pending Profile]
Captain 5: Grimm Amarai (Aero Diskence)
Captain 6: Hakuo Kurokage (Xander Hallows)
Captain 7: Rey Daisetsu (Negative J3T)
Captain 8: Bokyaku Kuchiki
Captain 9: Shuhei Kairu (Shikairu Nara)
Captain 10:
Captain 11:
Captain 12: Dalaga Helios [Reserved]
Captain 13: Marian Nakashima (Stefan Lee Salvator)

Espada Lord : Caelum Tsukiyo
Espada 0: Akiza Izayoi (Mandi Suga Candi)
Espada 1:
Espada 2: Rikuo Katsuragi (Angel Dynasty)
Espada 3:
Espada 4: Aurora Ohzora (Sakura Aurora Lunaris)
Espada 5: Jacob Rose (Hajime Xerden)
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:

Head Vizard: Rei (Steel Gallade)
Vizard Lt:
Vizard 1: Izaya Kirā
Vizard 2:
Vizard 3:
Vizard 4:

Quincy Leader: Xaiyou Kageryuu
The Quincy Successor:
1rst Quincy:
2nd Quincy:
3rd Quincy:
4th Quincy:

Bount Leader: Zwell Wolfstein
Bount 1:
Bount 2:
Bount 3:
Bount 4:
Bount 5:

Fullbringers: reserved


If you decide to be a generous soul and donate to us, please donate to the guild mule Darkened Swords. We have more than enough gold in the guild bank, but if you donate to the guild mule the gold can go towards contest prizes and other fun events.
Thank you