Hello everyone I'm your captain Kit Vash! Welcome to Bleach: Dark Reign, here you will find a space to roleplay in the Bleach universe, but wait! Before you start typing your Kuchiki Byakuya profile, there are some things you must know!

Here in Bleach:Dark Reign there is no Ichigo, nor Renji, not even Commander Yamamoto, this place is full of original characters, we create our own Bleach universe! While the races stay the same, there will be no glimpse of any of the original characters that appear on the series.

So here's what you need to join!

Reason for joining
Promise you'll be active
Small rp sample, nothing too fancy, just wanna see who we're gonna be role playing with.

Available races are: Shinigami (Soul Reapers), Arrancar, Humans (Fullbringers and Quincy go in this category you must state it as Human/(other race)
Want a high post from the start? PM me! I will give you a few tests to see if you're worthy of holding a big name."But captain, what does high post mean?" Ah! good you asked! High post means Shinigami Captain, Vice-Captain, Espada (numbers 0 to 20) and High Quincy!.
Want to be a Vizard? Those get hand picked from the strongest Captains and Vice-captains! so do your best if you want to turn into one! As with high posts, there is the fast way! but no one said fast meant easy =P

That's it for this very long welcome! The most important thing is to have fun!! Obey the rules and you'll do fine!

Good luck recruit!