Seven sit in the shadows, masked from even the moon's light

Ichigo Kurosaki, a normal teenager. He had a semi-normal life. Nothing too grand...too exciting. Until he met a Shinigami...a Death God. He suddenly found her powers thrust upon him and before he knew it the normal life he had in Karakura Town had changed forever, and his future was full of anything but the average. He came to wield the Zanpakuto Zangetsu whom he formed a strong bond with. When he decided to save the girl that was both friend and original source of power to him, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo won battles against opponents he'd never dreamed of facing, such as the Captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. He bested the tremendous power of Kenpachi Zaraki. Thanks to the trust he put in his friend; his blade, and his own indomitable willpower, Ichigo was able to scrape by and win the fight. Against the power of Byakuya Kuchiki, Ichigo was hardly a match even with his Bankai and the Kuroi Getsuga. But, when Ichigo hollowfied, donning the haunting mask of a Hollow, his body no longer his own control but this malicious force's puppet, he found Byakuya in terrible condition after overcoming the Hollow. Had Ichigo never hollowfied, who knows if he would have defeated Byakuya, much less saved Rukia.

In the end it was all a mere ploy by Sosuke Aizen, the supposedly dead Captain of the 5th Division. Thanks to the mirage-like abilities of his zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, Aizen had tricked the entire Soul Society into thinking he'd been slain. In truth he'd slain the Central 46 and begun to toy with Rukia's execution date, moving her date closer and closer. In the end, he wanted one thing, something hidden within the Gigai used by Rukia: The Hogyoku, an item used for hollowfication. His Lieutenant, Gin Ichimaru and at the time of the betrayal Captain of the 3rd Division defected with Aizen, as well as Captain of the 9th Division, Kaname Tosen. The three of them then descended into Heuco Mundo.

Not too much time passed before Aizen's terrifying Arrancars, Hollows given the power of Soul Reapers, appeared. Aizen even made a special group of them, his strongest Arrancar, the Espada. It was at this same time Ichigo learned of the Vizards, Soul Reapers given Hollow powers. Their leader, Shinji Hirako who had once been Captain of the 5th Division one hundred years ago with Aizen as his lieutenant, told Ichigo he too was a Vizard. It took a severe beating from Espada Sexta Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez to finally make Ichigo realize he needed to not only contain his Hollow self, but to take control of its power as well. The Vizards fought a vicious battle against Ichigo as his body hollowfied into a beast while Ichigo fought his Hollow Self within himself, in the end triumphing. But the Hollow promised he would not be the horse to an unworthy king. Friend from the beginning Orihime Inoue had been captured by Espada Cuatro Ulquiorra Cifer. Aizen forced her to do as he wished. He demonstrated her power by having her not heal, but "reject" the incident in which Tosen had removed Grimmjow's left arm for invading when no told to. This lead to a hatred of Orihime by most of the Espada, though she slowly formed an awkward bond with Ulquiorra. As Ichigo finally reached Orimhime, with help of friends Uryu Ishida, a powerful Quincy, and Yasutora Sado aka Chad, a mere human, Ichigo was confronted by Ulquiorra. Grimmjow banished Ulquiorra into another realm for a limited amount of time, allowing Ichigo and Grmmjow to have a third and final fight at full power. Ichigo emerged victorious, and through several more events, he had finally saved Orihime with the help of Kenpachi Zaraki only to have Espada Primera Coyote Starrk. Ichigo traveled to her location only to find Ulquiorra. The two fought, Ulqiorra proving to be far too much for Ichigo as he killed Ichigo...though Ichigo then hollowfied beyond a mere mask, donning an orange mane and the horns of an Oni. In this new state, he made short work of the powerful Ulquiorra. At the same time in a Fake Karakura Town built by the Soul Society to stop Aizen's invasion, Captains and Lieutenants began fighting Espada and Fraccion. Soon the Vizards joined the fight, stating they were not the Soul Society's allies, but they were on Ichigo's side, and they were against Aizen. In the end, each of the Espada fell, the final to Aizen's own blade.

None of this matters for the most part, though.

Back in the Soul Society, seven individuals had gathered. All of them had been seen, known...they weren't really strangers though some avoided the public more than others. Arrancar, Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Vizard, didn't matter. Thanks to forbidden Kido and signature powers, the Seven were able to be seen without suspicion being brought upon them. Thus was the power of the individual sitting on a tomb above them as they gather in front of him, below him in the graveyard. They gathered often in remote locations all about the Rukongai, at least the Seven did. The man sitting above them as if on a throne looking upon his subjects, often entered and exited the Seireitei if nothing more than to prove his could without getting caught.

The Gate to Hell, something seen by a soul before being sucked through it into eternal damnation. If one were to gain access of it, the limits would cease and possibilities would become endless. To so much as remove a piece of the Gate would allow for complete chaos...and what better time to inflict chaos upon the Soul Society than when Aizen already had those with the most power busy in Karakura Town? And with less and less of them there, there was little stopping anyone of significant power, much less the man and the Seven below him, each on a scale tested to be near Aizen's, Ichigo's, etc. So many souls to force to do their bidding. In the end there was a great deal to do, and it seemed Aizen would allow them plenty of time.

Seven sit in the shadows, masked from even the moon's light. One sits upon a metaphorical throne, his violet hues piercing the darkness.

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Requirements to join:

I. Minimal Bleach knowledge: If you know what I literally just spelled out for you, you're ok. Though I suggest you get on the Bleach Wiki (link provided inside) and do a bit more research. If yours posts are contradicting and confusing in line of Tite Kubo's, then I'm not gonna let it continue!

*KEEP THIS IN MIND: I am keeping up on the current Bleach story; I read each Japanese chapter when it comes out each week. While my storyline is supposed to remain outside of Aizen and Ichigo's drama, there may be some forced interaction, but it will -never- interfere with Tite Kubo's story.

II. COMMON SENSE. You want a definition? If so, I highly suggest you reevaluate yourself.

III. A Good Comprehension of Logic - The ability to -explain- things.

*I cannot stress requirements II and III enough.

IV. You must provide a full character sheet within 10 Days of joining. That's more than a week, and quite frankly I don't know why I allow for more than two freakin' days. PLENTY OF TIME. You have school? Awesome, so did I once. If you have too much work, don't bother! If you want to join badly enough but have this issue, PM ME! Tell me, "Hey, I want to join but I also have a lot of school work." I'll understand - been there myself! I'll ask you make the character sheet ASAP and keep me updated every few days. You have work? Awesome! Same thing as school; if it takes too much out of you then why join? If you want to say, "Hey, some days I might be a little too beat, is that cool?" I'll probably say yes! It's all about how you ask ME, how you address ME, and what YOUR problem is. If your reason is, "Sometimes I just forget." Then there had best be more to it. Otherwise: Piss off!

*This I can't stress enough either: If there is an issue, with ANYTHING, and you need to ask ANY questions, then please do so! Questions, complaints, ideas on ANYTHING! "I need an extension because..." "I got this cool idea:" "I was wondering..." ALL GOOD THINGS! I will respond to you in the same tone I receive. If you're an ass, I'll be twice the ass. You're cool, I'll be kind as can be. That leads to the next requirement:

V. Civility - Be civil. Don't know what it means? Not only should you reevaluate yourself, but you should ALSO find a dictionary ASAP and look it up and begin practicing it! No civility? No joining.

VI. I expect people to post. How often? Well, that depends. I prefer at least -once every two days,- though I know some people can post multiple times in a day, some need more time. Guess what? If you LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME, I'll probably not give a damn! For example: I have a member who can post with no real time frame, just "when I can." And guess what? I said "Fine by me!" Why? Because they addressed me politely and they do try to keep to their word. And when they do, they often construct a great post. So if you can't post "regularly," YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW. It's YOUR JOB to let me know.

VII. If you want to play an NPC, like Byakuya for example, you'll be tested. For one, keep this in mind: Most captains and characters are stuck in Tite Kubo's story. YOU WILL BE STUCK THERE and will be expected to play them to. the. exact. dot. So, no Byakuya suddenly being relaxed and hitting on girls. He'd best have a stick up his ass.

This is still an early time for the guild, so I may add more requirements. I may add more rules. But know this: I welcome ALL. You post one-liners? As long as they make sense and go along with the rules, cool! You post half a book? Join the club. I accept any and all, but it's up to YOU to let me know about yourself.

-Kain M Sh'Zual, Captain...oh goody! I'm a Captain!