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This guild is for all roleplayers. People new to forum roleplaying, experts, or somewhere in between. Whether you just want a refresher from a break, or if you want a few pointers to bump your style to the next level. Whatever you reason or skill level, you are welcome here.

This guild is a place to share experience; for roleplayers to teach each other, and to learn together.


Created to fill a hole, this guild was made to share different RP styles, to get reviews, tips and pointers, improve, discuss, learn, and teach. A guild to encourage, inspire and share, a guild for all RPers from anywhere on Gaia. A place where you can try and get help instead of rude, unhelpful responses. Molded to the needs of Gaia's RPers; this guild is here to bring RPers together, and help new RPers grow.

I was looking around Gaia, and couldn't find classes and guides together. Sure there are guide threads, instruction threads, and schooling guilds; but the guilds are Roleplay and some teaching, or just instruction or practice. Gaia needed a place with both, that accepts everyone's different styles, talents, needs and skills. Roleplayers of all levels should be able to and feel comfortable coming here to learn, share, teach, or brush-up.

There was something else I noticed during my search. I noticed that people who want a serious RP, but without over-strict requirements like two-thousand word minimums, seem to be left wandering. Gaia was started as a place for anime nerds and forum roleplayers right? That's why this guild's mission has begun to evolve to include trying to make all roleplayers feel welcome throughout Gaia. Perhaps events like invading Barton Town Forum lie in our future? The only way to find out is to join this guild and shape our path.

The original idea is already expanding, and it will continue to do so. Starting as a school to learn by guides and instruction, where it started. Since then I have added a mission; to revitalize Gaia's vanishing RP population, to help people who don't RP because they want more than Barton town, are tired of getting yelled at, or hate the strictness of the 'lit RP's. A median need to be found, all the medians; to and show everyone that it is possible to find a good RP here, in Gaia, no matter your skill level or how new to RPing you are.

Together we can reform Gaia's RP community into something we can all enjoy together, no matter our personal preferences, our faults, our strengths, or our whims.


This guild is public so that anyone can post, meaning that joining isn't required. However, joining is encouraged.


Banners are from 1wolffan.

Donations to the guild through the form below can only be used for subforums (2.5K each) and The announcements that show up as a notification (which are under 1K each currently.) Basically, the guild account, which holds the donations from the form below can't be used for much, and those things don't need much gold anyway. Save your gold or create a contest in the Main Forum.
Thank you.