Hello, welcome to Black Pants!

Black Pants is a general guild. It has no specific topic in mind. Black Pants is a place to go to talk to people about whatever topic you want; and there's no subforum nazism! That means you can just post whatever you want in the main forum with no fears of moderators chewing you out about "wah wah, this isn't in the right subforum."

Of course, we still have to have a few rules, but they are small, and completely obvious.

1. Ignore the old posts from the Pre-Pants Years.
This guild was once something completely different. If you see something about chao or whatever, unless it's relevant to your interests, I would strongly suggest ignoring those posts. After a long time, they will eventually go away, as long as people post over them and don't necro the old posts.

2. Use common sense. Wear Pants.
Don't be excessively rude, don't cuss people out, don't post porn, don't cyber, the list goes on. Doing things that are strongly against the Terms of Service will get you booted from Black Pants. All this rule really is is asking that you use common sense.

3. Obey the White Pants.
The White Pants are the Administrators and Moderators. If one of us wants you to do something/stop doing something, please listen, or we will have to resort to extremely cruel measures. Truly though, our moderators are all quite lenient so you needn't worry about this unless you're truly being a huge jerk.

4. Have fun in your Pants!
Above all, have fun here at Black Pants!