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Welcome to Black Chaos!

All who enjoy roleplay are welcome, and those who enjoy getting free gold can also join. The more members the better.
This not only just a place to roleplay, you can discuss stuff such as art, anime, music and much more.

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>OUR FORUMS Http://<

Also, before becoming a member,

Please tell us why you joined & if its not about getting free gold, also say How much you know about RPs and Roleplaying.
If you know nothing about RP, just say so and we will be glad to teach you about Roleplaying.


The Following RPs are available:



Drama & Romance

Medieval & Other Historic Times + Prehistoric Times

Magic/ Fantasy & Elementals

Supernatural & Mythology

Science Fiction

Fighting & Duels


Pets/Slaves and Masters

School Life

& More

Note: If you wish for more Rps to be available, you may say so in the Suggestion/Feedback Thread

We have the following also in his guild:

Free Gold Contests


Lastly, There might be monthly giveaways to be held.
So stay tuned.

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Note: If you are donating to the guild, Don't donate it directly to the guild.

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This will help us will contest & free gold giveaways and probably sub-forums if needed.

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