Countless millenniums ago, when our current universe was created, a similar galaxy was created next to the one the human race resided in, which was also known as the Milky Way.

However, the second galaxy differed from the first one. Whereas the Milky Way housed one known planet capable of producing and supporting life, the second galaxy housed multiple known planets with this similar capability. Yet one of the planets stood out from the others within the galaxy, for within this certain planet, four species were able to its environment: werewolves, vampires, dragons, and humans.

Among the four species, the history of the vampires and humans were unfortunately lost, for they did not resemble any animal-like qualities as opposed to the werewolves and dragons. As time progressed, the four species each gained the knowledge of technology, seizing the opportunity to advance it during their research of the planet. After nearly two centuries of advancement, the other races soon discovered each other's existence.

At first, no one within each race knew how to react to the three "newly discovered" species. However, as the years passed, wars suddenly began erupting between the four races, each with a goal to control the entire planet they lived on. The wars lasted through nearly 500 centuries, and many lives were claimed by the mass genocides. It appeared that there would be no end to the massacre...

After 500 more years of fighting between the three races, the war began to reach its breaking point. It was at that point when the four races learned of an ancient invention- an invention which the humans referred to as a space ship. Although they were against the idea at first, the werewolves, vampires, dragons and humans ultimately came to an agreement and signed a treaty, finally ending the genocidal wars, and bringing peace throughout all four races. With the new unity that spread among the planet, the four races instead focused their resources into exploring the galaxy, searching for other worlds and wonders awaiting to be found.

Yet after 5000 years of peace and exploration, something deep within the universe unnamed presence with evil intentions.

The strange entity began creating vampires, werewolves, dragons, and humans as well and sent them to the peaceful planet; however, these newly created creatures sought to break the treaty between the four original races and send the planet plunging once again into war. In an attempt to annihilate the evil four species, the original four creatures decided to trap the evil beings onto their own planet. Once most of the people were evacuated and almost all of the evil beings were trapped, the explosive device built to demolish the planet was activated, obliterating the planet and those caught in it.

Five more millenniums have passed since that fateful day. The four original species- the vampires, the werewolves, the dragons, and the humans - have been scattered across different life-sustaining planets, finally having rebuilt and maintaining civilization within their new homes. However, they still remain in constant communication with each other as they continue fighting the evil presence, which they named "The Entity", in order to restore peace to not only their planets, but to the entire galaxy as well.

Should the heroes of this battle succeed in defeating the Entity and its army, the galaxy will finally enter into peace once again.

However, should The Entity and his legion accomplish their goal, the galaxy will experience another mass genocide- one that threatens to completely wipe out every single life being.

The four races are on the brink of war once again...and time is running out.

Will you join the heroes in their fight to bring peace to the galaxy?

Are you one of the many that are caught in-between the battle of good and evil?

Or will you side with The Entity and his army, to bask in the final victory when the treaty is finally broken and the genocides erupt once again?

Whether you are vampire, werewolf, dragon, or human, one thing is clear: sooner or later, you'll have to choose a side.✰

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