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This guild is a dedicated battle role-play with an overarching plot involving the fate of the Gaian universe. Here you can create any sort of character and then join the world, interacting at will with any character nearby and doing whatever your character pleases. Not that your actions won't have consequence. The main focus here is on battle, be it one-on-one tournament style fighting, group battles, or even all out war. Strong characters are welcome, but will also need to have writing abilities. This guild adheres to basic anti-munch standards of common sense battle role-play, so please play appropriately. And of course, follow Gaia ToS rules and keep all writing at least PG-13ish.

There is a running theme that is part of the grand overall plot line, which you can chose to join or avoid. Once a plot comes to a conclusion, the central theme will be changed.

I am hoping to hold one-on-one tournaments here as well, but that depends on interest. The prize will be at least worth 100k

Limited Canon Storyline Policy:This guild has a limited canon storyline. This Means that what happens to your character in this guild is recorded history only for this guild and related story-lines.

If you play your character outside this guild or related story-line thread, then whatever happens is not considered part of the history of this guild game. So if your character dies in another guild, they won't die here. If they die here, they are not dead in unrelated role-play threads.

This allows the player to adapt their pre-existing character to this storyline more easily. It also allows them to structure the power of their character as necessary for role-play here while not losing anything for other threads and guilds.

Restricted Power Sets: Godlike powers involving alteration of the fabric of space and time will be strictly limited and in some cases banned, please see the role-play conduct thread for further information.

Welcome Powers: Powers involving energy, chakra, spirit power, life energy, standard magic, and manipulation of the elements are fine as long as they are not overpowered beyond the realm of common sense. More definite free form boundaries for standard ranges, fatigue cost of use, and power of attack and defense will be set in the Role-play conduct thread shortly.

Inactivity Policy: Every three months or at captains discretion inactive members will be purged from the roles. If you wish to join after being purged, contact a moderator or simply join again. Inactive will be considered over a month without posting.

Current Main Theme:

A new force of unseen evil from the depths of Hades has been unleashed upon Gaia. The reincarnation of Ymir has been awoken in the form of a dictator who goes by the name of Edward Yaits. Yaits, in his never ending lust for power, seeks to unleash an army like Gaia never seen upon the peaceful citizens of the Gaian Republic. Aekea, Barton Town, Durem, and the Isle de Gambino have all fallen into his sights.

From the citadel of West Fall he recruits and builds his army. Only the mighty can stand against him. For now, he bides his time, but one day he will strike without warning.

Alas, fair hero, twisted villain, will you cast your lot with the Titan awakened, or will you defend Gaia and her gleaming cities?

The choice is yours.