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Welcome one and all, to our awesome guild. This guild was created by Icarus and Midoriwa.

This guild is the place where you can find uber-funness and crazyness.
It's mainly for us and our friends, but anyone can join!
Balls, weddings, contests, role-playing, etc... You name it and we'll probably have it!!

We are currently looking for more members and trying to ad in some more Role Plays. We have an original story created by Apocalypse Ryder and are hoping to soon set up a Fable-based role play along with a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings-based role play.

So come on into the place between genius and insanity!!
(Which one are you..... ? You'll find out soon enough... )

Also, these are the guild mascots:
Bub and Confetti-Throwing Marshmallow.
(Thou shalt worship them....)

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In loving memory of Icarus_Wings. You have touched us with your witts, kindness and self. You will not be forgotten. Take your wings in which you have so earned and soar high.