The Bass Players Guild of Gaia is a good place for fellow bass players to talk, debate, and just have fun.

When applying for membership, copy and paste the following questions into the text box and fill them out according to you. If/when you are accepted, there is a special thread for you, if you wish, to post your answers again and introduce yourself to the Guild.

Hello everyone and welcome to our awesome guild forum!
Please read ALL of the rules, especially #13 if you intend on joining!

1. You must play Bass.
Such as: double/stand-up bass, electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar. Now, normally I wouldn't have to explain that, but lately people have been asking what kind of bass you must play, but we're all open-minded. Someone even asked about bass vocals(apparently the same as back-ups), which I've never heard of that term-if the term even exists or that person is an idiot, I'll never know.

2. Post often.
This is not an enforced rule as of yet, but we'd like to keep conversations up and going. Also, if you are leaving for a prolonged period of time, please, inform one of the crew members via PM(preferrably myself, as I am upholding this announcement thread), and I will keep a list of this; so if/when we do decide to enforce this rule through an expiration or something, we will know ahead of time why you are not active.

3. No Flaming.
If you just must "flame," be smart about it and don't do it excessively.

4. You must keep a banner and URL in your signature at all times.
I know, this sucks, but you can easily shrink down the URL at to make it a little shorter and keep more room for other things in your signature, or you can find a site that supports the randosig service, which allows multiple pictures in your signature.

5. Discuss anything you want in here that's Bass related.
We do tend to get off topic rather often, but if your going to start a conversation, please, if at all possible, try and keep it Bass-related (even though we are proudly off-topic 99.9% of the time.) Don't bring up any topic more than once, people get sick of talking about the same things, so we like to leave it open for various things. And please don't bring up the following topics in our main stickied threads: what model bass, preference of playing, best bassist ever (but that doesn’t mean you cant bring up your personal influences or who you think is a rather decent bassist that perhaps we wouldn't have recognized otherwise), worst bassist ever, anything that will leave it open to argument, etc. You can open your own threads for these topics, but please make sure there isn't a thread already open with the same topic before you start your thread.

6. Do not spam in the stickies.
Your post/spam will just get deleted, and its really a pain having to clean all that up. We will have a special thread just for spam if our members need fast gold. Also, don't bump in our guild forum. It's pointless unless we have 12983712098 members, which we don't have that many, and we may never have that many(though I'd like to stay optimistic).

7. We do not tolerate any type of discriminatory slurs.
This strongly applies to 'gay', 'f**', 'homo,' and the like(Not to forget racial slurs, but we feel that the previously mentioned slurs are in much more use today than racial slurs). Such excessive use can lead to your membership being revoked.

8. Be sure to follow rule #7!

9. If at all possible, keep the profanity level down.
Sure, we all hack, spit, and curse, but there are young ones roaming around. So, do your best to keep your post clean. We understand if you slip every once and awhile, but some members may find certain words offensive. (I, myself, get rather annoyed upon hearing/reading profane language.)

10. Keep all posts and threads PG-13.
Meaning: No cybering. If you MUST do this, take it to your PMs. Not that I'm saying anyone would do this, but we need to make it clear that we do NOT permit such acts within our guild and anyone involved in such acts WILL be banned.

11. Don't be an idiot.
We all joke around, but please know your limits and take into consideration and respect the fact that everyone has their own limit as well. A joke can quickly turn into feud, and i'm sure neither the officers or any of the members want to be putting out fire by the end of the day.

12. Use good grammar.
Now, this will not be strictly enforced, but we do wish to promote good grammar and spelling. Please do not use "haxx0rrs" language(or whatever that is), it is a pain to read, and it will count as spam. As I always say: "Drink your School, Go to Drugs, Don't do Milk." (If you get it, laugh. If not, don't worry about it, it's a song title, and it's supposed to be a joke..)

13. When applying for membership, copy and paste the following questions into the text box and fill them out according to you. If/when you are accepted, there is a special thread for you, if you wish, to post your answers again and introduce yourself to the Guild.

How long have you been playing?
What model bass do you have?
Preferred method of playing?
Personal Influences?
Favored Bassist/Idol Bassist?
Any thing you'd like to add (about the rules or anything at all?)?

14. Concerning the Guild Charity: All members will now be required to donate at least 50 gold every 2 months to the screen name The Arseless Wonder(the officers' mule for the charity) to help get the charity up off the ground.