If you like the side of zOMG that you can connect with fellow gaians then this guild is the best way foreword join us and have a chat box down the side of your zOMG experience to meet and greet other players. Welcome to the next step of zOMG playing and questing.
Special thanks to waiia for the large contribution she made and the work she put in also.

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Our usual meet up place is at the Barton fountain. And our server is Carrion Flower / Buzz Saw. We'll update you if we have a meet up at the fountain.

Important Notes:
♦ Please answer this forum so that
we would know you more and that you'd know us better.
[HERE] or [HERE]

♦ If you have any questions, comments
and suggestions about the guild, you could post them
(Don't be shy to tell us what you think; We are very open to opinions and stuff.)

♦ You could also post what ever you want
in our [SUBFORUM].


Keep yourself updated by visiting our forum every now and then. 3nodding
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Go to [GUILDS]
then click Barton Wanderers in the My Guilds box.