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There is Now a Fan Guild For the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game, So Check it Out, Were the First One Made in Gaia, We Will Talk about everything about Bakugan Battle Brawlers of the Game and Anime So Check Us Out and Join the New Guilde

D Story Of the Anime/Game D

One day, cards began to fall from the sky and were picked up by kids all over the world. The cards featured different characters, different environments, and different powers. Kids created a popular battle game not knowing that these cards actually corresponded to an alternate world called Vestroia.

In Vestroia, a rogue Bakugan named Naga lusted for control, and schemed to seize all of the power for himself. When he tried to absorb the silent core and seize its power, the negative energy proved too much for Naga to handle. The negative energy exploded and the Infinity Core fell to earth. The creatures of Vestroia started to emerge in Bakugan battles. Now it is up to Dan and the other Battle Brawlers to find the Infinity Core and reunite it with the Silent Core to restore balance. At the same time, an evil Bakugan player called Masquerade is taking away Bakugan that belong to other people. As well, a scientist called Michael Gehahbich disappeared into Vestroia. When he returned 6 months later, he came back as a creature known as Hal-G, half Bakugan-half human. Hal-G is plotting to reunite Naga with the Infinity Core to take over the world. Dan and his friends must stop Hal-G's evil plans.

arrowRuels Befor Joiningarrow

Obviously, you must be a fan of the anime series, manga series, the characters

NOTE You don't have to have seen/read the whole series to be a member, although it will limit the spoiler-free discussions you can take part in. Feel free to join even if you've never even heard of it

Please check all handguns, bayonets, and anti-freak cannons at the front desk so everyone can enjoy a peaceful visit
Please try to post as regularly as possible.
DO NOT MAKE REPEAT TOPICS! If I see two identical topics, the one with the least activity will be deleted.

IMPORTANT You must read the Rules, Regulations, etc thread, especially the part about Forum Etiquette. Please affiliate yourself with our helpful guild posts.
The basic facts of The Guild .

Oh and No Anti Fan can Join, If you Dont like the Anime/Game then Please Dont Join

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