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Avylonia is an island where you may enjoy the freedom of living in the form you're truly meant to be. There's no prejudice here. A land of lush greens and dark caves. Cities in the treetops and woven through the roots. Soaring canopies and deep, earthy realms. Where you may eat of the Tree of Life and drink of the Fountain of Youth. Where you may live amongst the animals in the rolling hills, perch with them in the towering mountains, or lay with them below the surface of the water.

Anything goes so long as you're respectful for the ones around you. You can live the life you want to live and grow as a family with the ones you meet.

Rules in forum
1.Obey TOS.
2.Be open minded, no flaming - we want everyone to feel welcome.
3.Have fun, and don't take anything said too seriously..
4.Most important, no drama please. (Rp Drama Fine)
5.We accept all Anthro of all kinda And Most Humans (If There Not Afraid of Us)
6.Plz Be 18+ Cause We Play Without Safe Words.
7. i wouls allow sex but it breaks T.0.S so keep it to private messages (hopefully With me)
8.You may God Mode but remember to respect others in your Omnipotence.

Plz PM Me Your Persona/Character Bio. So I May Post it.