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A New Era:

A few years has past since Avatar Korra brought balance and peace to the world. Even humans and spirits got along and coexist with one another. There was no longer non-benders so the balance of all the elements was complete. Future Industry is one of the top manufacturers in the world as they were starting to make new technology in the world but suddenly they came to a halt. The world was once again coming unbalance. Little by little the rise of the Red Lotus stepped forward warning people that in time the return of Vaatu was coming back and the world would soon understand what peace really mean. Korra stepped forward as she tried to close the portals that linked the Spirit World to the Human world but to her suprise, Vaatu was gone. No trace of him was left nor was there a trace of someone breaking him out. The Red Lotus has vanished and fear was spread throughout the world.

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Rise of Evil:

The world has fallen out of balanced. The passing of Avatar Korra was even heart broken as she did everything she could to keep the world from falling into chaos. Raava had appeared to the world saying that the balance was way out of hand and that Vaatu had once again been released except just like her, he will be reborn into a chosen person to become a new Avatar. Except, it will be an Evil Avatar. The world was splitting as fighting and war with one another had split. The good avatar has not been discover nor was the evil avatar but sides were choosen as most of the world has gone into ruins. Spirits have came to the mortal aids. Benders of all sorts have grown hatred towards one another. The Red Lotus have came out from hiding and have begun to build a massive army to ensure the Evil Avatar rule of the world. Water Benders have sided with the the Fire Nation as the corrupted Earth Kingdom is planning on taking abandon places.The only outcome most people see of this war is the destruction and end of the world. Even the good spirits who have been searching for the new avatar as the White Lotus and Air Nomads continue fighting off the advances of the Earth Kingdom and the Red Lotus. Who side are you on? Bringing back balance or forever turning the world into darkness?


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