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There is a school in the forest near a small town. This school is a place where young minds go to learn, socialize, make friends, maybe fall in love, and practice their killing abilities. The students are not normal kids, they have special powers that let them fly, control metal, and so on. For a long time, this school and its graduates have remained in top power and have stayed hidden from the eyes of normal people, but there is a new threat surfacing. They are the Enma (devil. called because of their monster forms) Assassins who have been consumed with power and lost their soul to it. The Enma have a hideout somewhere in the mountains near the school. Even now, we are on the edge of war and both sides are trying to assemble their best pupils. The situation has complicated even further when the Academy was weakened by the attacks of a rivaling organization. Even though the Academy was victorious, it couldn't keep watch over the town in such a weakened state. This drew in Mercenaries. Fighting for money, like the assassins, and having different methods and aims, they have set up a camp in the town. In addition, a few freelancers saw this as an opportunity to fulfill their own goals, serving no one but themselves.

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