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Welcome! This public Guild exists to help people find information that Gaia Staff have made publicly available in their weekly Ask the Staff sessions (currently held Tuesdays at 4pm California time in the GCD.)

To find this information, look in either of the two sub-forums: one sorted by the date the information was given (and thus the date it was known to be accurate), and the other sorted by subject (in case there's one certain thing you're curious about).

Posting in these sub-forums is forbidden to keep things clean and tidy (...well, I say that, but I can't actually stop you beyond locking the existing threads...the option doesn't exist to prevent new topics...please don't? sweatdrop ), but feel free to offer any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints in the guild's main forum!

Joining this guild is free and you will be accepted automatically. You do not have to join in order to view or post anything, but joining lets you receive the Guild Announcements I send out when I've finished updating the data after an AtS session!