new owner change - revamping guild for updates in 2019
stay tuned!
Hello, this little guild is for art trades, art freebie requests and art collaborations.

Why did I make this guild? Because there are no subforums for these in Gaia's main forum. And there is definitely a demand for them in the art community. So until they make these subforums, here is my guild!


Art Trades: (Main)
Artists, regardless of skill levels, may post threads offering art trades.
We're all here to improve our art skills and have fun!

Art Freebies Requests:
Artists can use this as a resource to browse request threads if needing inspiration/models.

Art Collaborations:
Want to invite another artist(s) to do a collaboration with you?
Form a group to start a comic project?
Here's the place! Collaboration nation!

Art Galleries:
Artists can post their works (in progress) here to keep track of their improvement and increased creativity.

Are you stuck on an art block and looking for inspiration/kick in the pants from fellow artists?
You know you wanna join!

Took a hiatus from drawing and want to get some practice in?
You know you gotta join!

New to sketching but want to get your feet wet and improve over time?
You know you oughta join!

Invite your friends, fellow artists, anyone who would be interested in improving artwork/drawing for fun!
The more, the merrier!

-Please be courteous to all members.
-Artists reserve right to refuse trades.
-Use common sense and proper grammar.