This group is dedicated to the people who are dedicated to improve in their drawing habits or just their artwork alone. Anyone can be a student or a teacher and all we look for are people willing to motivate, teach, learn, and socialize with as we develop in our artwork.
We want to reach a high level (or a comfortable level if you just like drawing for fun) of art skill together as a supportive and hard working group. Anyone of any level can join and no one will be turned down from applying ever. The only thing we really need is to keep this group as active as possible while following a short list of rules for everyone's enjoyment and comfort in group.

The main important thing to mention is that we plan on doing our lessons/meet-ups during livestreams and cam chats for visual learning and easier conversation/group work. We accept art of all kinds (Yes even the NSFW kind as well as both traditional and digital) and this group will always continue to be worked on and improved for the best of all of our users.

More information will be inside, and you are all welcome to join for free.~ wink