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In this guild is a place a beauty and freedom. A place where you can be yourself. A place of self expression and color. Welcome to the Art of the Moon.

When I left school I though I was the best. I got my work looked at by a friend of my mom's who is an award winning illustrator. But was horrified to find that she said my work was only good and that is needed to improve. This lead my on a year long mission to improve my skill. In that time my whole world was turned upside down and it got me onto the path that I am on now.

When you crit someone's work be honest but encouraging. Do not tell them that their work is bad it is the quickest way to put someone off art forever.

There is no right way to do art. But their is no wrong way to do it ether. Everyone has their own way on how to do it. But in order to find your own way to do it. You have to try as many different mediums as possible.

It takes 10 000 hours to master a skill but it take a whole life time to go beyond that.

So pickup the sketch book draw as much as you can. From real life and your imagination.

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This is a private guild for artist to gather. Artists of all ages and levels are welcome. It is a place to make friends get helping hand as well as information on careers and college's and books. We Have forums on drawing, painting, photography ,graphic art and an art help if you need a helping hand. So come and join in the fun.

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1. You must be active.
2. You must have an interest in art.

If you where invited to the this guild.

I will be scouting the arena. If I like your work I will invite you. I do not judge people by their skill level. I will invite about 10 users a day so look out for me. ^_^

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